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10 Reasons to Work With a Full-Service Realtor Like Michelle Ozanne

Hiring a real estate agent such as Queen Bee Realtor Michelle Ozanne can be a hard decision. Some feel they can handle the buying/selling process independently, while others wonder if they might want the help. However, people often don’t realize just how much a full-service realtor contributes to the process. As you make your decision, consider these factors.

1. Realtors hold your hand through the process

Selling or buying a house can be a complicated process. Sellers have to set a price, list the home, stage the rooms, show it to buyers, negotiate on incoming offers, handle issues for inspection and finalize the paperwork. Buyers have to sort through hundreds of available houses, try to spot potential problems, arrange inspections, work to get their financing in order, negotiate with the seller and handle the closing paperwork. At any point, the ever-changing laws and regulations can get in the way, a housing issue can crop up or a problem with financing can stop the sale altogether. And as you pack up your things and prepare to move, you may be buying at the same time, while buyers are often selling their previous home. A full-service realtor walks clients through the entire process. They are there solely to advocate on your behalf, from problems to negotiations, and they can even help with the banks, the inspectors, and other external vendors. If you have questions or concerns, you can call your realtor for answers. If someone is coming to look at the house the next day when the plumbing breaks, you can call your realtor to recommend an emergency plumber. No matter what you face, they have your back ⁠— and they have a full contact book of resources.

2. Realtors can handle staging

Sellers hear all the time how vital staging when selling a home, but it can be hard to figure out what exactly to do. Where do you get the furniture? How do you decorate to sell? Which sofa will be more appealing? How can you get the best photos possible to display your home beautifully? An experienced realtor like Michelle Ozanne can come in to evaluate your home and determine how to accentuate its best features. They know exactly where to find the perfect staging pieces for a negligible cost to ensure potential buyers can see themselves in the space. Realtors also know real estate photographers, who can come in and take professional photos. The right lighting, the right angle, and proper editing can make the difference between your house looking like it came out of Better Homes and Gardens or looking like an out-of-date monstrosity. And Michelle covers ALL the staging costs for you!

3. Realtors will list and market

Realtors have access to the entire database of MLS sites, which means they can easily list your house on multiple platforms, like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin, for maximum exposure to potential buyers. While you can do this as well, it will likely take you longer and be a somewhat more frustrating process, particularly at a time when you have plenty of other things on your to-do list. Sellers also forget that listing your home is not enough to sell it. There’s still plenty of marketing to be done, both in print formats and digitally. Fliers have to be designed and newspaper ads have to be written. The house has to be posted on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or other social media platforms ⁠— and those posts have to be varied, and new ones have to go up regularly. Unless you are particularly adept at social media, it’s a lot to learn, and the nuances will escape you. Even if you are a social media whiz, handling the marketing on your own will take up the bulk of your time. However, realtors already understand the best tactics, and this is their full-time job, so they are better equipped to take care of this part.

4. Realtors stay on top of current listings

If you’re a buyer, the sheer number of houses on the market can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re moving to an entirely different area and don’t know exactly what neighborhood you want to live in. It will take so much of the weight off of your shoulders to tell a real estate agent what you’re looking for in your new home and let them sort through the available options. Realtors have to stay current on what houses are on the market, so they are uniquely positioned to spot your dream home as soon as it comes available for sale.

5. Realtors can tell you what you’re getting

Buying a house can be daunting, especially because you don’t know what’s going on behind the walls. Yes, you’ll have an inspector come in before you sign the papers, but that takes time. However, realtors have trained eyes, so looking at a potential home with your realtor can give you an idea if you’re looking at any major issues and rule out a house, saving you significant time and effort. This helps sellers as well. During the initial appraisal of your home, a good realtor will point out any issues you need to face or upgrades you need to make to ensure your house sells quickly and for the highest price possible. Often, there are minor upgrades that will net you more return on your investment.

6. Realtors will negotiate on your behalf

Negotiations can get complicated, and in home sales, they take time, especially if there are multiple bids on a house. Realtors are trained negotiators who are incentivized to get the best deal possible for you. They know just how far they can push the other parties to add contingencies, increase or reduce the price or beat out a flood of offers. This goes the other way too. An excellent real estate agent will know when to throw in the towel and walk away. It’s easy for emotions and competition to blind a buyer to the fact that the house is no longer worth the offer on the table, or for a seller to want unreasonable concessions that will delay the sale because they feel like they are selling all of the amazing memories they’ve made in their home. Realtors are better positioned to step in and guide their clients away from a deal that just isn’t working — one that would cause regrets in the long run.

7. Realtors can help with financing

Realtors spend so much time working with people with different financing options that they understand all the existing ways to pay for a home. If you’re struggling to get approved for your dream home or if you’re wondering if you should just pay cash, talk to your realtor. They may recommend a different bank, put in a call to a contact, or tell you that cash isn’t the best way to get equity on this house in the current market. The finances behind the housing market are varied and complex ⁠— let the professionals guide you in this area.

8. Realtors know the market

Pricing a house is complex. If you price it too high, you’ll alienate too many buyers. If you price it too low, you’ll undercut yourself, or buyers will think that something is wrong with the property. Those price points also change depending on the time of year, whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, or based on a hundred other factors. Realtors know the market and how to price your home accordingly. They’re up to date on sales trends and competition, and they know all of the comparables in your area. They also know how to take this information and use it to make your house a strong competitor among buyers.

9. Realtors will show your property for you

There are multiple reasons why sellers shouldn’t show their own property to potential buyers. First of all, it’s a time-consuming process. Maybe the first person opts to buy, but more likely, your house will be shown multiple times, and that can be disruptive to your schedule. Also, many buyers feel uncomfortable discussing the house in front of the sellers. They know that this house is full of memories for you, and so they won’t want to ask if the dent from when your child was skateboarding down the stairs will be fixed before they move in at risk of insulting the seller. Additionally, sellers tend to let emotions creep in as they show buyers around, alienating them as they try to imagine their own families in the space. Realtors provide a buffer against all of that. Realtors will show the place neutrally, helping buyers feel safe to ask questions and express concerns, and they will have answers at hand. Additionally, realtors can show the house at the buyer’s convenience so that you don’t have to take time off of work or cancel your weekend plans. It’s simply a more convenient and effective method to get your house seen and sold.

10. Realtors know everyone

One of the most important tools in a real estate agent’s arsenal is their network. It takes time to cultivate it, but their little black book is full of contacts, from stagers and professional photographers to landscapers and builders. They also talk with other realtors, which means they’ll find out early if another realtor has the perfect buyer for your house or a house that you definitely should see. This benefit extends to you even after the sale. You’re moving to town and will need a veterinarian for your labradoodle? Ask your realtor. You were wondering which local restaurant offers the best steak dinner? Real estate agents always know. Hiring a full-service realtor can make the difference between your house selling quickly or being on the market for months, between purchasing a money pit or the home of your dreams. Whether you’re looking at Carlsbad beach homes or Encinitas mansions or selling your Del Mar property, Michelle Ozanne will help you have a smooth experience from start to finish.

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